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About Paul Korley ministries

We are a Ghana-based ministry commissioned by God to win as many souls for Christ as possible and to raise new born Christians in the whole measure of the fullness of Christ according to Ephesians 4:13,  And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers,  for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. We do this through seminars and conferences organised in various cities. We also periodically organize outreaches, Missions we call the love campaign with the aim of making others feel, know the love of God. We meet as a church every Sunday, we have the Spiritlife Church where we receive faith-based teaching in the knowledge of Christ. Our aim is to raise Christians who walk in their true identity, who live in their fullness, to their full potential of Christ.


We are a people of Faith, Radical Faith.

We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We are a people of Love striving to make the Love of God known to others.

We believe in the second coming of Christ.



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I had just lost the forth pregnancy for my second child when I visited SpiritLife Church for the second time. I already had a little girl but I desired to have a baby boy for my second child. When I came to church, I shared my painful experience with Pastors wife who led me to Pastor. Pastor held my hands and told me a year by this time I will carry my baby. I believed the words of the man of God. This was April 2019. Some months later, I took seed again. This time it was different. In April 2020 exactly one year as the man of God said, I carried my healthy baby boy in my hands. To the glory of God

Miracle Baby




As a young student in Russia with a strong passion and zeal for the house of God, Paul Korley received a vision from the Lord to raise Christians from nation to nation who will live to their full potential as Christians. His vision led him to write his first book “Becoming The Real You” as a student. He has now authored several other books including “All You Need to Have All Your Needs” and a 31-day devotional “The Holy Spirit and You”. He is an ordained minister of God and a member of the International Gospel Ministers Association (IGMA). He is married to Sonia Paul-Korley. Founder and CEO of FarmHub. He met his wife while they were both studying in Russia. Their love for God drew them closer to each other. Sonia is a passionate soul winner and a woman of prayer. Together they are running with the vision from the Lord, raising Christians from nation to nation.

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To God be the glory, I thank God for the Life of Pastor Paul and His family. In fact He is indeed a blessing to this generation. Before I came for the Faith Conference, I wasn’t really well and I’ve been having this pain in my bones. The pain moves from my arm to my leg. I remember I had to buy medicine that cost 60 cedis just to relieve the pain in my bones and I was told not to take it too much because I could get addicted to it. I even had this medication in my bag when I came to the faith conference. During the faith conference, I was asked to come give a previous testimony and I didn’t want to do it because whenever I stand in front of people, my hands and legs begin to shake uncontrollably as though it’s a stroke. I’ve been suffering from this condition for almost a month now. I came purposely to the faith conference for God to heal me of this unknown condition I was suffering from and for other prayers to be answered as well. During the prayer time, I was so expectant that, I asked God to make the Man of God me out of all the people present to pray for me. As soon as the Man of God prayed for me, I felt whole and free. I didn’t want to share my testimony because I was shy and didn’t want people to say among themselves that Arkard is always the first to give a testimony. Therefore, I decided to keep it to myself and check myself at home to be sure that the pain was gone. By God’s grace I never experienced this condition from that day till now. I am totally healed and free. Before, I could not even stretch. It was so worse that one time on my birthday, I could do nothing and the pain was all over my face. I looked so pale and looked like a stickler. I even told Bro Selassie that, this wasn’t my face. To add on to that, I was having stomach ulcer for almost 5 years now, but now I am healed and free from that. Because of this condition, I was advised not to fast, to eat on time and always have a snack in my bag. I’ve been to the hospital for endoscopy and many other tests. I was even booked for surgery at the Ridge hospital because of this. My parents were very worried and even said that I am too young to go under the knife. The doctors advised me not to eat soo many foods like yam and beans. This was all the devil’s plan to take away my joy. The day of the conference, I decided to fast because I wanted to be healed from all these conditions. I told a friend this, and she told me that it wasn’t a good idea because of the ulcer I was suffering from. She suggested I eat some breakfast before coming for the conference. I told her that I would be fine and I believed so much in my heart that the God I serve would heal me through the Man of God and that was going to be the last day I would experience all of this. I knew the end was near. God being so Good, I was healed and no longer suffer from all these conditions. Glory to Jesus!

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