Fathers and Sons

My father was a good father, and, in most respects, I was a dutiful son. But I allowed my father to starve for the one thing I could have given him: myself. He was a quiet man; I was equally silent. We often worked for hours side-by-side with scarcely a word passing between us. He Continue Reading

Heaven Consciousness

When you accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life, something supernatural immediately took place. You immediately died to the world and were made alive in Christ Jesus. God made you a part of his family.  You are not an ordinary being but a divine being because you now have the life of God in Continue Reading

Growing In Grace

Grace is God’s ability in the life of an individual. The Christian has been designed with the capacity to enjoy the fullness of the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. A grace has been made available to the Christian and this grace is called the Grace of our Lord Jesus. This means the Christian has Continue Reading

The Two Masters

Yes indeed, riches and honour, enduring wealth and prosperity are in the wisdom of God (Proverbs 8:18). And we have been called into the fullness of this wisdom by our new birth. Wealth and riches are part of the things that have been freely given to us; part of the things which accompanied our salvation. Continue Reading