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God Needs Us to Reach the World––Together

Partnership with Paul Korley Ministries is about more than just giving to a ministry. It's about a covenant and a joining together in faith, it's about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Partnership allows you to reach far beyond your personal sphere of influence, so that you impact people all over the world. Just like God called people alongside Jesus and the Apostle Paul to reach the world with the good news, God calls people alongside modern-day ministries, that as many people as possible can know about the overwhelming victory and blessing they have in Jesus.

When you partner with Paul Korley Ministries, not only are you joining with us and our several Partners worldwide but also are we all joining with you! When we all stand together in partnership, our individual anointings, giftings and missions combine and become one. Suddenly, your ministry isn't restricted to just your family, friends and neighbourhood––It expands and extends to the entire world. Every life that's touched is a life we reach together. Together, through such a partnership, you share in the rewards for every soul won, every person healed, and every life changed.

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